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Zylkene Capsules For Dogs and Cats

Comes in 75mg, 225mg, 450mg

What is Zylkene?

Zylkene capsules for dogs and cats is a natural product designed to manage stress in dogs and cats. It can also be very useful in helping animals to adapt to any changes that may happen throughout their lives. Any change however big or small can be very stressful to an animal. This may include new babies in the family, moving house, putting them into kennels or cattery, introducing a new pet to the household or even small events such as moving furniture.
It can be used in animals of all ages whether its puppies settling into a new home or older cats getting used to a new family member.

Zylkene capsules for dogs and cats has not been associated with any side effects so is suitable for many animals.

Zylkene comes in three sizes: 75mg, 225mg and 450mg. It comes in the form of a capsule filled with powder. This needs to be given orally on a daily basis. The different sizes of capsules are colour coded as shown below.

Zylkene is fast acting so only needs to be started a day prior to a stressful event, such as going to kennels/cattery.
Capsules are splitable

How do I know if my pet is stressed?

Some of the common signs of stress in an animal include: excessive grooming, change in demeanour, house soiling, increased restlessness or a reduced interaction with the owners. Obviously one of these signs on their own may not mean the animal is stressed but if a number of these are all happening at the same time then stress may be the main cause.

Zylkene Dosage

It comes in three capsule sizes for dogs and cats:
75mg Capsules for cats and small dogs
225mg Capsules for medium dogs
450mg Capsules for Large dogs
Zylkene dosing sheet
Scared Dog
How do I administer Zylkene easily?

The capsule needs to be given orally. We do understand that administering medications to some animals may be difficult so the capsules can be opened up and the powder can then be sprinkled onto some food. Most animals will enjoy the taste as it has a ‘milky’ taste and therefore are often happy to eat it on the food. Some animals you may find will be happy to lick the powder off a plate on its own. The powder is water soluble and can be mixed with water, milk or gravy which is sometimes easier for cats.
Firework and Noise Phobias

The most common fear phobias are of fireworks, thunderstorms, and gunshots. The fear of loud noises can soon become a phobia which is defined as a persistent, excessive and irrational fear response. Zylkene for dogs can help this!

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Separation Anxiety

This is a common behavioural problem in dogs where they do not like to be left alone or separated from their owner. It can manifest as excessive barking, destructive behaviour...

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MSN Animal Health

Zylkene is manufactured by MSD Animal health, formerly known as Intervet Schering-Plough.


• Treating dogs and cats with behavioural problems can become very expensive
• Many dogs or cats with behavioural problems such as urine marking, noise phobias, and stress would benefit from Zylkene
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• The capsules are available without prescription
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